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‘Poorly Prepared and Presented’: A View From Inside a Pathways Review Committee

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The pressure to implement the Pathways general education framework by Fall 2013 is harming the quality of course proposals, according to a department chair who served on a Pathways course review committee. See also:
CUNY Cuts Corners For Pathways / In Science Lab, Learning By Doing

The PSC and New York City’s 2013 Elections: Shifting NYC’s Politics Away from Austerity

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This year’s New York City elections could mark a turning point in city politics. Clarion spoke with several members of the PSC’s Legislative Committee about what’s at stake in 2013, the PSC’s plans, and how members can get involved.

CUNY Responds to Sandy: Suffering Spurs Solidarity

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At least six people with close CUNY ties were among the more than 40 New Yorkers killed as a result of Sandy. Several CUNY campuses were flooded, evacuation shelters were opened at 10 others, and no classes were held for nearly a week. Meanwhile faculty, staff and students aided their fellow New Yorkers in countless ways.

"We Are Everywhere": HEOs’ Work Makes CUNY Run

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“HEOs are the engine of the University,” says Paul Washington, vice chair of the PSC’s Higher Education Officer chapter – the union’s largest. Because their responsibilities are so diverse, the critical role that HEOs play at CUNY is often less visible to others. Clarion spoke with five HEOs about the work they do.

5,676 Faculty Petition for Pathways Repeal

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“Nearly 6,000 have spoken, Pathways is broken!” That was the message PSC members brought to the CUNY Board of Trustees after delivering petitions signed by 5,676 faculty, staff and retirees. The thousands of signers urged the trustees to repeal and replace the “Pathways initiative,” CUNY’s controversial overhaul of general education and transfer.

Pathways Under Fire: Calls for a Halt Are Growing

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townhall38 - Falade - bigger - cropped 2.jpgOpposition to Pathways is growing. By March 23, a PSC petition calling for Pathways to be repealed and replaced had more than 4,100 signatures. Faculty governance bodies across CUNY are calling for Pathways to be put on hold and reassessed. And on March 20, the PSC and UFS leaders filed a lawsuit. Here's Clarion's coverage:

Pathways Under Fire: Calls for a Halt Are Growing
Pathways Petition Takes Off
Union Files Lawsuit Against Pathways
Hundreds Attend Town Hall Meeting
Voices from the Town Hall Meeting


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