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Arbitrator Refuses to Dismiss Pathways Grievance, Says Contract Covers Faculty Rights on Curriculum

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In a December 12 ruling, an independent arbitrator rejected CUNY management’s request to dismiss a PSC grievance over implementation of the controversial Pathways curriculum plan. The ruling means that the union’s grievance can now proceed.

The 2013 City Elections and the PSC: 'It Feels Great To Win!'

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Bill de Blasio was considered a long shot when the PSC endorsed him in June. On November 5, he won by a historic 3-to-1 margin. And 39 of the 51 members of the new City Council were elected with PSC support. But the PSC also won in another, perhaps deeper way: a major issue in this election was the need to increase CUNY funding.

PSC Endorses Candidates in September 10 Primary: De Blasio for Mayor and More

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“We support Bill de Blasio because he stands for an alternative to the politics of austerity that have dominated New York for too long,” said PSC President Barbara Bowen. “De Blasio understands the strategic importance of CUNY and has a vision of its place in a city where opportunity is not limited to the richest 1%."
(Also in this issue: Q+A With Bill de Blasio: "Reasserting Fairness" in NYC)

Big Vote Against Pathways: 92% Say “No Confidence”

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In a referendum on Pathways, the CUNY administration’s overhaul of general education, 92% said they have “no confidence” in the new curriculum. More than 60% of the 7,202 eligible voters took part in the referendum among full-time faculty, which was conducted by the American Arbitration Association at the request of the PSC. “The vote is a stunning rebuke to the Pathways curriculum and the coercive measures used to impose it,” said PSC President Barbara Bowen.
PLUS: Why I Voted 'No Confidence' | Defending Faculty Role | Points of Contention

‘Poorly Prepared and Presented’: A View From Inside a Pathways Review Committee

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The pressure to implement the Pathways general education framework by Fall 2013 is harming the quality of course proposals, according to a department chair who served on a Pathways course review committee. See also:
CUNY Cuts Corners For Pathways / In Science Lab, Learning By Doing

The PSC and New York City’s 2013 Elections: Shifting NYC’s Politics Away from Austerity

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This year’s New York City elections could mark a turning point in city politics. Clarion spoke with several members of the PSC’s Legislative Committee about what’s at stake in 2013, the PSC’s plans, and how members can get involved.


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