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Fighting for a fully funded CUNY

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For the past several weeks, the PSC has joined with other CUNY advocates, including the University Student Senate, in an intense lobbying effort for a state budget that fully funds CUNY and will enable it to hire 1,000 new full-time faculty members, raise adjunct pay to $7,000 per course and provide real affordability to students. The campaign has taken many forms, including multiple trips to Albany, demonstrations, media outreach and grassroots organizing.

Preparing for Trump’s labor agenda

President Donald Trump's nomination of conservative judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court raises the near certainty that after his confirmation the Court could quickly overturn a decades-long precedent enabling unions like the PSC to collect agency shop fees. The aim of the so-called "right-to-work" cases is to destroy the political power of public-sector unions and roll back the economic gains they have made.

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What awaits the nation under Trump

The election of Donald Trump and the Republican control of Congress will change the political landscape and possibly reverse hard-won gains around labor organizing, immigrant rights, climate change, racial justice and other critical issues. PSC members share what policies they think could come from a Trump administration and how to organize in the years ahead.

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PSC reaches contract deal

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After six years without a contract, the PSC concluded negotiations with CUNY, arriving at an agreement that includes a 10.4 percent increase in salaries, including back pay. The final phase of negotiations closed with a round-the-clock bargaining session that also broke ground for creating a more reasonable teaching load.

Memorandum of Agreement | Major features of the settlement | Three ways to cast your vote

The resounding power of ‘Yes!’

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Frustrated by working without a raise for six years, an overwhelming majority of PSC members who voted supported authorizing the union's Executive Council to call a strike, if necessary. PSC President Barbara Bowen shares the path forward in order to get a contract that recognizes PSC member's dedication to CUNY and its students.


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